feeling better.
i think that since bean is dropping the pains to my rib have decreased. thankfully!
going to post a few random things that are making me happy. just because i feel like such a freaking whiner as of late...

-shamrock shakes. had my first one today. yum.

-that it's almost the weekend. and that we get more daylight starting sunday! boo on losing the hour of sleep, but i'm all for sunlight!
-my super sweet hubs. picked me up some lavendar epson salts and a hot water bottle the other day. took a bath earlier today. smell nice and lavendar-y and my legs don't hurt! that and he cooked dinner while i slept the other day. and the hot water bottle worked wonders on kidlet's rib pains yesterday. glad the doc suggested it. otherwise, i would have stayed far, far away.
-that my coworkers are having yoga pants day with me tomorrow. i'm having the darndest time keeping my scrubs over the bump. and the shirts are just too darn short now. they laugh at me constantly hiking my pants up and when i bitched about it today, i said screw it. yoga pants friday. my boss agreed. ;o) and yes, i'm going shopping for longer shirts tomorrow. of course, according to the coworkers this means imminent delivery and waste of money on clothes i won't wear.
-a letter in the mail from my aunt saying that this pregnancy could be worse... and then finding an article about octomom with a picture of her insanely huge belly!
-that the nursery is done. few minor deets to work out. still have to pack the bags. this weekend, i swear.
-finding super cute socks at target. hey, if i'm gonna try and prevent the swelling while being on my feet all day, my sexy knee high socks should have super cute patterns and designs. also found a maternity shirt that fits and isn't insanely hideous.
-getting some nice, relaxing music from the mil for delivery. she's got a yoga hook up. which rocks... nick's working on getting them on the ipod. however, if i listed to all of it during labor that would mean labor would last like 3873029 hours. so i'm hoping i don't hear it all. ;o)
-having date night with nicholas tomorrow. so exciting... babies r us and motherhood. followed by dinner. sweet. oh and maybe a new table for the kitchenette area! we know how to spend a friday night. ;o)
-and lastly, winning a book from goodreads. i sure hope it's good!


Liz said...

glad you're feeling a bit better and your ribs are getting a break! Have fun tomorrow night (enjoy it while you can... ;)

Carrie said...

Enjoy date night! And glad to hear you're feeling better. Looking forward to pictures of the bean's room :)

Laura Vigliarolo said...

They didn't make my shake triple thick today.

Kache said...

I think every day should be yoga pant day :)
Can't wait to see the nursery.
I think that's cool your grandma had that letter from your mom, what a nice addition to your album.

Brandy said...

octomom's belly is the grossest thing i've seen in my life. other than the way she treats the rest of her kids and sucks money out of the system, of course.