40 weeks.

we made it. the start of my 40th week of pregnancy. crazy. seems like just yesterday i was peeing on a stick. ;o)

first, lemme share a pic from last week. made nick go get the cord out of the hospital bag.
ignore the conan hair. think this one was taken at the end of the day. whatevs... maybe it's my ode to conan.

and from today.

dude. maybe purple isn't the color. can you same grimmace?

yeah, not sure why that's so darn small... but can you see the resemblance? ;oP

doing about the same. peeing hourly at night. so much fun. especially trying to get my ass out of bed. thankfully, nick has been sound asleep.
walked a few times throughout the neighborhood. totally kicks my ass. we've done 1-2 miles each time. killer after working all day! so my feet hurt, my back aches. but what else can i expect? glad i'm not nauseated or on bed rest.

had a spurt of nesting-ness. the refrigerator is spotless. yes, the inside. no expired items. washed drawers and shelves. looks so pretty. almost makes me want to take a picture. seriously! and i have been cleaning my scrap area after each creation. that never happens.

speaking of scrapping. got an awesome box of goodies from some friends. so, so sweet. loving all the stuff. can't wait to dig in and scrap the bean. heck, i just wanna meet bean at this point!


Anonymous said...

you look wonderful Shannon. hope you get to meet the bean very soon. best wishes hera

Liz said...

woohoo!!! Can't believe it's almost time already... you look great!

This is the week or two that never seems to end, but goes quickly at the same time... can't wait to see the bean too! Nick has instructions that he must post when you've had him/her, right?

psucolleen said...

note to self: do not ready Shannon's blog while on a conference call. Seriously had to stifle my laugh when I saw the Grimace picture.

You look FABULOUS. And in your honor, I've been pee-ing more frequently as well. :)