a mini update.

we're home. safe and sound. and before the stupid weather came back.
still settling in... know that might take some time.
found out that i have a new family member that blogs. check out two benny bean photos here.
thanks megs. ;o) means i don't have to upload pics right now... a new thing to add to the growing to do list. which includes hitting babies r us soon!


psucolleen said...

ah! being home safe & sound... a wonderful place to be. :0) You'll be making lots of trips to Babies R Us! Enjoy the shopping... the joys of the beginnings of all being home safe & sound together.

Alison said...

Happy to hear you are home - wishing you all the best - and have fun shopping ; ).

Carrie said...

Glad to hear that you made it home before the weather got ugly! Have fun with those trips to Babies R Us