weekly checkups.

got back from my doctor's appointment.
all is well. said bean is in position and ready whenever. holy shit!
also lost a pound from last week. was REALLY careful with what i ate. the doc was so proud.
complained to him about this pulled muscle/kid kicking my ribs pain that is almost constant. said it's a small price to pay for a baby in a few weeks. really? of course, a man would say that. i kid. just gonna continue to suck it up and take some tylenol. he even said i could apply a heating pad for a bit if it was that bad. which is good to know.
peeing hourly. oh so fun. especially during the night. unfortunately, my flopping like a fish is now affect nick's sleep. oh well, he better get used to it.
also had a few people tell me i am carrying lower. including nick. we'll see. i don't notice much except the peeing.
oh and i'm not exhausted. nice but scary. have heard that means bean is imminent. well, it is but you know?!
all i got. still pictureless.
would share some byom stuff but i know i have some readers that might receive some of the creations. so no peaking yet. after kidlet.

otherwise, got lots to work on. projects for rsc. a few books on my list to read. knitting if i decide to tackle that again after our class last tuesday. and playing rockband with nick. it seems to soothe the bean. we'll see if that is the case when it's out and about. can you imagine, metal calming the bean down. ha!

oh yeah, got a fun letter from my grandma. my mom wrote it to her when she was about 8 months pregnant with me. hoping to scan the pages soon and keep it in bean's album. still hoping to work on some pages from nick and i to the bean. oh and can i call my mom a not nice word? she talks about how she gained like a half a pound in 3 weeks?! what is that?! unfair. again, i'm joking. i did lose a pound last week. ;o)

oh and you should have nursery pics this week. nick's hanging the pictures now. and it's done!
might wait and share those when robin comes and takes pictures of us in there.... not sure!

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Anonymous said...

oh yay not long to go now!! looking forward to the nursery pics. i bet its just the cutest. take care - hera