yesterday was national napping day?!!
seriously, i had no clue. and to post about my love of naps that day... purely coincidental. awesomeness.

so the ob visit went well today.
everything is normal and measuring okay. excited to find out that he isn't all about the dilation and effacement. won't check that weekly. said maybe a few days before the due date... otherwise, it's a waiting game. discussed the rules of when to go to the hospital. contraction guidelines! nick tattled on my braxton hicks from friday. thought it was no big deal. i'm sure it's just a week of me busting ass at work. have had no troubles this week. so i really think that was the case.

and i suck. no pics. blame rainy, cloudy, overcast day. fingers crossed tomorrow is sunshine-y even if it is going to be 30 degrees colder... boo!


psucolleen said...

oh man!!! Had I known, I would have celebrated BIG for national napping day! I could have worn a party hat and used a festive blankie. Let's promise to remind each other next year so we can celebrate correctly.

And WHAT is with this never-ending gloomy weather! I feel like it's Fall again. But mentally, I'm holding onto the fact that Spring is weeks away. It has to be, right? Yes. Just weeks. I can last that long.

Glad to hear the appts are going well. I remember the birthing class teacher telling us (mainly the dads) "if she is able to talk through the contractions, it's too early to go to the hospital. if she can't speak a full sentence, it's time to go!" And sure enough, that rang true for me! How far of a drive will you have to the hospital?

Kache said...

Glad everything looks good!
Waiting on pics...

Good to know I was spot on celebrating Monday's holiday :)