my husband.

is too darn cute.
i just love him. love his excitement. his support. i truly cannot imagine doing this alone. or with someone who didn't want to be a dad.
he's in daddy nesting mode. taking some of our shower items out of the boxes and assembling. putting the car seat base in my car. deciding we do need a cosleeper bassinet. washing bean's swaddlers.
and he's even gone to meijer twice already this week for grapes. yeah, i'm not sure what my grape craving is all about but he goes. no questions asked. sigh. i told you he was dreamy. ;o)
i really can't wait to see him with bean.


Carrie said...

He's going to be an awesome daddy!!

Looking forward to seeing Nick and bean pictures.

Good luck!!

Brandy said...

i'm behind on blog reading - sorry

* yay on excited nick
* love the room (esp the dolls) and the rug looks so soft
* i believe in nesting, i was still working at the bank and i cleaned the whole back of the line, reorg'd all the stuff and cleaned out my desk and thought i only had a check up that day. had dylan that night.