i have a theory...

on nesting.
i don't think that nesting means a baby is coming. nope. i believe the opposite. crazy pregnant woman goes on cleaning spree and over does it and then baby comes. make sense? oh well. just in case, i'm thoroughly cleaning my scrap area. ;o)
had my visit today. if i don't deliver by next tuesday, he's gonna check me. then it's one more week until we discuss induction. oy. otherwise, everything is still good. i was uber hungry this week. totally showed on the scale. boo. but we were able to squeeze in two walks yesterday and today. this weather is gorgeous. and yes, my feet hurt by the end of the day but it's good for me and bean, so i'll suck it up.

no pictures. too lazy to drag the cord from the packed hospital bag...
how bout some of my favorite things right now.

these slippers from old navy. way comfy. i mean what's not to love about a padded flip?!

these bookmarks. we buy ours at borders. i've been a reading fool as of late, maybe that's my nesting?! anywho. and these are totally helpful when i fall asleep while reading. ;o)

i always get deodorant spots on my shirts. always have. not sure what my deal is. saw an advertisement for these in a container store magazine ages ago. picked them up and LOVE them. they totally work. and it made nick realize i wasn't the only one who ended up with deodorant on their shirt!!

think those are my three biggies.
have read tons of books lately. check out goodreads if you are interested in what they were. trying to read more off of the big read. we'll see how that goes....
nick and i have also watched a few movies. madagascar 2, role models, my best friend's girl, and i'm totally forgetting another. all good. nick now wants to own role models. i'm okay with that i love paul rudd.... he laughed hysterically at my best friend's girl. it helps to have low expections. sorry, i'm a pessimist.
oh the others were max payne and pineapple express. and if i've already blogged this. i blame the bean.
alright. enough cleaning procrastination... must get back to work.


Carrie said...

For cleaning deodorant spots off your shirts, use a nylon. Don't toss them if they have a run in them. DH read about it in Men's Health years ago, works like a charm. Just rub the nylon over the area, gone!

Kache said...

Those are all really good finds, never seen the deodorant thingies before. I like your theory on nesting :)