i<3 naps

except when i sleep away the afternoon!
feeling better now, so i guess it was worth it.
i owe you guys a fatty shan picture. maybe tomorrow. forgot to snap one today before the nap and now the lighting sucks. will hopefully, be able to get some good pictures of the bean's room too.

found out the storm last night left us shingle-less. a few over the nursery. and i guess there's a flapping section on the other side of the house. gotta love neighbors. especially ones that stop jason as he's coming to borrow our shopvac due to their basement flooding and make him call and tell us! definitely wouldn't have noticed on the way out this morning too dark. don't know how we could have missed seeing it on the way home though... there's quite a few missing. had someone come out for an estimate today. another one coming tomorrow. should be fixed in a few days.

for you locals... if you like caramel and you like cake, you NEED to check out butterfingers caramel cake. SO good. a rep brought it in today. i swear, i could have eaten the entire thing. so not kidding.

as for the bean, nothing too new and exciting. feeling pretty good. just tired. but what else is new?!

oh and michelle, the bag is packed. figured you needed that update. ;oP


Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Shannon...glad you liked the cake! :) Happy to bring a smile to mom and baby!

Carrie said...

that cake sounds heavenly, just from the name LOL!

psucolleen said...

gotta love a good nap! It's one of my top 5 favorite pasttimes. :) I wish there was an olympic event in napping! I'd SO have a few medals.