i don't know why...

but after 9 months of referring to baby as bean, no one has made a comment on its name having bean in it.
then there's jen. my rsc boss...
had been emailing her this evening about the lack of scrapping that has been occurring the past week, discussing deadlines, and all that fun stuff. somehow we get on the topic of naming bean. and she asks, 'So, are you naming bean Lima, Pinto or Jelly? I bet Jelly if it's a girl!'
how freaking hilarious is that?!
i'm totally cracking up.
then i get this in my inbox... 'AND if it comes early, like on the 17th, how about Green Bean?'
followed by, 'oh, and if bean is really skinny ... how about String?'
then nick calls on his way home from volleyball and asks why i'm laughing.
so i'm telling nick and he's laughing with me as i read our email conversation to him and he replies, 'what about jumping since it is so darn active?'

ps. fat picture tomorrow. ;o)


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If Bean is late - it can be a baked bean ; ).