just lazy

no other reason for being mia.
maybe picture updates tomorrow. will have nick snap some after work and share then.
getting lots of little things done around the house. and napping like a mad man. which is good since i'm not getting the best sleep. it's so hit or miss.
don't want to delve to deep into the pregnancy part... that's for tomorrow.
my random thought while watching the oscars, well bits of it...
how much javier bardem looks like denny douchette. and gerard butler too. sorry no pictures for this game. i'm on the mac and haven't branched out to uploading my new software. that's on the to do list before bean's arrival. and i'm not sure where that random thought popped into my head. not sure i saw any of them during the bits that i've watched!
yeah, should totally get working on that massive list...


psucolleen said...

OMG! I'm so glad you posted about Javier Bardem; I kept wondering when Denny branched out into major movies! I could sort of tell it wasn't him but holy cow they look like twins!

Kache said...

You guys are funny!