34 weeks.

crazy to think that this bean will be considered to term in under a month. insane! apparently, i'm supposed to have my bag packed for the hospital now. not sure about that. makes it all the more real! i'm working on it. my mom donated her christmas gift last year. an awesome bag that colleen had in chicago. forget the website it came from. think the lady stopped doing web orders... washing all of kidlet's stuff. sheets are done. changing table pad done. working on outfits and socks and toys!

found a new bookshelf we want for baby's room. the little one i painted just isn't going to cut it. that can be moved into the closet for additional storage. are on the look out for a rug. any ideas? i'm thinking neutral. taupe or something along those lines. we've checked out kid carpets or something like that and can't find what we like... so we're open to websites! nick said the color is growing on him. he doesn't walk into the room and say, 'wow, that's ____' anymore. he says, it looks like the bean's room. i know, i know... pictures. gonna have to figure out a sneakie for you. just don't want to share until it's done. maybe some artwork and blanket or something. i'll figure it out.

they say {what to expect when you're expecting} that bean is 5 pounds. 20 inches. if it's really 20 inches, it can stop now. it's already quite painful when it gets excited. nick is always amazed by the ripples across the tummy! i'm amazed at the different shapes. one second i have a cone head stomach, the next it's like a watermelon. then five minutes later a basketball!

feeling great. kinda waiting for that to go away. i've heard nothing but bad about being pregnant. wondering if people are exaggerating or i'm that lucky. hoping that i'm that lucky! still congested to high hell. seriously, that is the worst part of this whole experience. that and occasionally stuck in the couch. okay, not really. but sorta and i wanted to make you laugh. our big couch only has two cushions and depending on how i lay, sometimes my bootay finds it way in between those two cushions making it a bit tricky to get to a sitting position! sleeping well. afraid that might go away. really hoping it doesn't! craving sweets like crazy. ice cream, cookies, chocolate. so strange. i'm so not a sweet eater. it just seems that everyday i have to find something sweet or i'm crabby! an example: yesterday we went car shopping with my lil bro. took him to chipotle for lunch. yum. afterwards, even though i was stuffed to the gills, i wanted an ice cream cone so we had to stop by mcdonalds for a kiddie cone! have some rare episodes of heartburn. come out of no where. so glad this is not an all the time thing. it's miserable. i cannot imagine. my aunt said she had it so bad that she was unable to drink water after like 5 pm. no way....

had our maternity shoot today. cannot wait to see the proofs. were there for like 3 hours. are going to do a second part in our home. not sure when, but soon! so for that reason, no belly shot today. was picture-d out. maybe i'll have nick snap one tomorrow after work. thinking at 36 weeks i'll have to do weekly shots. and i'm sure you kids will be happy to see the bean in real life rather than my growing belly. ;o)

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