baby shower recap.

here's the invite...

not sure why the owls. but once they were found the whole thing kinda spiraled into a theme. the books making baby wise. whooo will be there. thanks owl-lot on some of the favors. ;o)

have to thank robin for all the pictures. she's my professional photographer! took pictures for us at our wedding shower too. made our lives so much easier. going to do a maternity shoot with her tomorrow. can't wait!

also couldn't have done it without my mom and michelle's help. my mom was the banker in this whole ordeal. michelle was the gift lady, the game lady, and the printer. everyone loved the games and the gifts so i think she did a terrific job!! oh and if you need anything printed, let me know and i can hook you up. ;o) and miss brandee and her mom! they took care of my centerpieces. i'm thinking that i would have been centerpiece-less if it wasn't for all of their hardwork. and chris for coming early to help set up. which is funny because we just sat around and talked. or she kept nick company!

k. the details.
our cupcakes. totally yummy. white, almond, and chocolate. never had almond before but after sampling one had to have them! and nick who isn't a sweet eater agreed.

a closer view which may look familiar from an earlier post...

the centerpieces. the pictures do not do them justice.

some of the favors...
how it was set up and a few close-ups.

inside of the cd. which michelle also took care of having printed. i used some digi kits {found here} to make the cover and the inside.

close up of the pad of paper michelle made. super cute. she used a blank invite then added our names. nick came up with the witty title.

the prize winner's table. told you she did a great job.

a quick little set up of nick and i when we were kidlets. i'm on the left. and um, bean's in the middle. ;o) did the scrapbook layout for ready, set, create. so that one might look familiar too...

random guests!

nick's mom said a really nice prayer before we ate. unfortunately, i don't have the best pictures of that. if any of you readers have photos, please share. i'll love you forever. ;o)

nick and i. photo courtesy of his mom. ;o) again, if anyone wants to share a picture... send em along!

gift time!

super cute keepsake train from my boss. also gave us some totally cute giraffe stuff. i heart giraffes...

is this piggy bank not the cutest thing?! a brilliant attendee decided it should be passed around. so generous of the guests to donate again. got a decent amount of change. like nick said though, gonna need a whole lot more for the college fund!

mom and dad shirts from his cousin and her kids... i swear the pose wasn't practiced. we are just that dorky!

nick really wanted to try this one on... he was hilarious with the toys and books. gonna be such a great dad. ;o)

there was glitter everywhere! look closely you can see it. ignore frick and frack {my new affectionate nickname for the girls or the cantaloupes as mom calls them}.

my mom gave me one of my favorite books as a kid. apparently, i did not like to take baths.

robin captured me being a smart ass. love her for it because this picture totally makes me smile!

picture of me and mom...

picture of the parents to be with the moms...

nick thanking everyone for coming. again, the pose was not planned. i guess when you've been with someone for 16 years, the mannerisms are subliminal!

overall, an awesome shower. great company, great gifts, great food, and great memories. hoping that all the attendants enjoyed themselves. i know we did!

i'm sure i'm forgetting something. i sorry. and thanks for reading this super, duper, long post!


Carrie said...

Looks like an awesome shower, thanks for sharing!! So great that Nick was there too.

Monica said...

love all the pics! looks like a fun shower!

Anonymous said...

oh wow love all the little touches! the invites, the theme the GR8Ter!! how cool. you look GR8 as well. best regards - hera

psucolleen said...

Oh it all look so wonderful, Shannon!! Gotta love baby showers and all the teeny tiny things. :o) It's so neat that Nick was in there with you unwrapping gifts! I've never seen that before. Very sweet.

Kache said...

Awesome invites and showers gifts, love all the coordinating colors! Looks like it was a big shower which is great for you guys!

KJ said...

I love all the photos of all the super duper cute stuff!!! Looks like it was a phenomenal good time!!

Awww...the word verification for my comment is 'bless'!

Gina said...

You guys are just the cutest. I love how involved Nick was also.

Also LOVE LOVE LOVE the owls!!!

Breana said...

looks like you had an amazing shower...which you and nick totally deserve...so happy for you two!