35 weeks.

and i got nothing.
no new pictures.
maybe this link will make you happy.... she even named it 'bean!'
login: bevphoto password: proofs {all lowercase letters}

the pics are growing on me. don't laugh at my facial expressions. could never tell when she was shooting all of me or i would have behaved. ;o)
let me know what some of your favorites are or if you have suggestions for additional poses. we still are planning a shoot at the house. have a few ideas for that, but i'm always open to suggestions. ideas for the shoot came from everywhere! lots from two peas. some other random photography sites i found when i googled 'maternity photos.'

so what was new this past week... babywise. haven't been as hungry. which is good. but also bad. i don't stop eating once i start. the gauge on the tank is broken! no crazy cravings. well, ice cream still. i think lately i have wanted the cone more than the ice cream?! speaking of, found these tasty little treats. oh my word. the cake batter. heaven! so hoping they aren't really a limited time thing. then again, maybe that's a good thing because i could most definitely eat one a day!

had some killer leg cramps. never experienced anything like that... ever! woke up in the middle of the night with cramps in both calves. the one in the right leg lasted until friday. so more than 24 hours. loaded up on the g2 and bananas. thinking i might have had too much water. oops.

celebrated the big 30. had a sip of margarita. yum. didn't realize how much i've missed it. gosh, that sounds terrible. but i cannot wait for a big ole margarita or glass of wine. yum...
only have been able to celebrate with my family. hoping soon for nick's side. got some fun gifts. i mean pjs and fun socks. awesome. of course, there was more. won't bore you with all that. did get this super fun shirt... the direct link isn't working. but it's the blue one that the baby is rocking! thanks joan! carol told me you read too... so hi!

what else...
tons of scrapbooking stuff being accomplished. makes me happy. also finally uploading pictures to walgreens. can you believe i haven't printed anything since napa. that's nuts.

k. time for bed. boo monday! ;o)


Anonymous said...

I too had horrible cramps in my calves that woke me up at night. You forgot to mention the tiaras, or maybe you did not forget!


Breana said...

i saw those cupcakes in the window at cold stone the other day...they looks so yummy. i may have to pick some up tomorrow. with rylee i was huge on ice cream...enjoy it! :D

Anonymous said...

just popped over to see how youre doin. hope alls well with all 3 of you :-) - hera

Kache said...

1st of all, yum on the ice cream. Seriously, wish there was a cold stone ope right now.

Great pics!

Some that I thought were really cute:


ok and more probably!

psucolleen said...

:o( I'm not able to get to the photos. Bummer. I was looking forward to seeing them!

YUM-O on those cupcakes; I'll have to wait til after Lent to give one (or three) a try!

glad you had a taste of the margarita! I bet it was AWESOME.