wip 8.3.13


took miss melia to target.

had to get a goodie package for our nephew, noah. he broke his arm the night before.

that evening nick's dad and michelle and bri came over. bri finally got to meet miss a!

silly mister ben.

they all watched a movie. i fell asleep. dude, i fell asleep during movies before we had kids. like i'm not gonna take the opportunity to catch some z's when the opportunity presents itself!


nick played disc golf with his dad. i had a lazy morning with the kids. 
nick got home and got called out to work. once he was home, we headed to the cooper's for their end of summer party.
when we got there, nick got another phone call and had to go back out to work. felt bad for him. and ben. ben wanted to swim and i couldn't get in with him due to the csection incision. ben finally agreed to wear his vest and happily splashed around with his friends til nick arrived.

crappy picture of the volleyball playing peeps.

ben checking out his smore!

he liked cooking the marshmallows. ;)


went for my pedicure that i had to cancel because amelia surprised us early. the lady was new. i was not impressed. sad i spent so much and didn't think it was worth it. oh well. live and learn. i won't be going back...

had date night with nick. his cousin volunteered to babysit when i texted her asking for mini golf places out their way. 

we dropped the kids off and headed out. 

megan and ben walked to the park and aunt michelle hung out with melia.


after golf, we went to cooper's hawk. so much better than the one by us!

ended up being a late night. hadn't really anticipated stopping for dinner. but again, they babysitters offered, so we went. felt good to be out of the house doing real people things!

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