wip 8.10.13


spent the morning doing birth announcements and thank you's while baby a slept.

just a lazy day at home. when nick got home from work, i made a run to target. alone. ;)

nick and ben went to karate. then nick got a call and had to head to work with ben in tow. when they got home, gigi came over. we saw despicable me 2 and came home and grilled.

little miss did well in the theater. a little fussy but not bad. here she is telling you that she's number one! 

the garden actually produced some stuff! here's the first bounty! {can say, since i'm so far behind, that this garden kicked ass! the number of tomatoes we have is out of control!}

nick insisted on grilling ribeye. a giant chunk, nonetheless!

a cute little boy wanted to play with legos. he's a pretty fantastic builder.

sleeping cuties! yes, i know she's not supposed to be on her stomach. shhh. don't judge. 

nick went and played disc golf with his family and i took the kids to a benefit for my coworker's granddaughter.

miss brandee painted ben's face...

tada... spiderman!

it didn't last long. he made me wipe it off about 15 minutes later claiming it was 'itchy'.

after naps and once nick got home from golfing, we headed to the cooper's to go swimming. well, the boys got to swim. us girls just visited.

ben wanted to push the stroller.

nick tried to surf. even though he is precariously close to the edge, he did not hurt himself. and although the picture makes it appear that he was surfing, in fact, he fell off seconds later. i just timed the shot perfectly!

now he's surfing. ;)

we all enjoyed bergaritas. well, chris, me, and nick. jas was inside with some of his youth group friends.

winnie and her peg leg. seriously, christy and i could not stop laughing silly girl!

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