ten on tuesday 9.3.13

- saw a lady riding a bike in a tube top and flip flops and a helmet?

- fantasy football draft happened. i have aaron rodgers and matt stafford. really? did they both have to be bears rivals? why not a drew brees or tom brady again?!

- my to do list has grown exponentially knowing i have four weekdays left before going back to work.

- one would think that after owning an iphone for four years, i would know how to make a phone call on the darn thing. every time i go to the contact list i forget a step. duh

- did two loads of laundry this weekend. total first in this house. i think that has brought my lifetime loads completed to three. ;)

- the tomatoes in our garden are out of control. i've made baked tomatoes and homemade pasta sauce already. thinking salsa is next and maybe gazpacho? feel free to share recipes with me!

- am in desperate need of a nap, but my desire to get things done is winning right now. ;?

- nick's work has been so busy lately that they have sent two corporate people to help out this week. {the craziness is part of the reason for my laundry lesson!}

- nick had his pay league fantasy football draft on sunday. two of the league members passed out before the draft was over. terrible. and they started at noon.

- had  starbucks orange spice iced coffee this weekend. was tastier than i expected. nick had got it when i said i didn't really want anything... what was wrong with me? any who. not too bad!

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