recipes. version 5.0

it's been a while. i just didn't have the motivation in the beginning of my pregnancy. hard to cook when you're nauseated all the time. happy to say i'm back on track! so some of these were made ages ago, like july. and some more recently. 

tropical cucumber salad: pretty tasty. bummer that you can't prep too far in advance. and mangos are a bitch to cut.

grilled lime coconut chicken and coconut rice: total success. nick grilled the chicken to perfection and the rice was yummy too. ben was a fan and so was nick's dad {who has a tendency to be a bit picky... and i mean that in the nicest way possible!}

butterfinger cake: i used two less butterfinger bars. still tasty as heck.

rice krispie roll ups: didn't roll them up. was in a hurry. just poured the chocolate on top and threw it in the freezer for it to set. totally delicious.

patriotic puppy chow: got rave reviews from everyone at the party we went to. i kinda missed the peanut butter. but it was something different! and it looked cool! 

breakfast quesadillas: put my own twist on this. used it as inspiration. nick said it was really good. i did eggs, pickled peppers from my dad, sausage, and cheese.

over night oats: made a few variations. nick took a nutella one and a peanut butter when he was working but i was still on maternity leave. going to make them for me sometime soon and hopefully, i will like them. i have tried an apple version and i really liked it. and it kept me full!

chicken and avocado soup: super tasty and easy. used rotisserie chicken. and served it with bean tostadas. ;)

mediterranean quinoa salad: yum. and filling. two thumbs up!

crock pot salsa verde chicken:  meh. i didn't eat it. nick said it tasted like pot roast on first taste. then he added it to his bean tostada and said it was much better. i did not add the oregano.

parmesan roasted tomatoes:  way good. didn't follow their measurements. would be good on some garlic bread!

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