wip 7.27.13


took our first family outing to target. it required two carts.

and was, apparently, very exhausting. 

we even had family bedtime. yup, all four of us up in ben's bedroom reading bedtime stories. 


nick worked. surprise, surprise. i hung out with the kidlets.

then my mom came over and three of us went to tom and jen's baby shower. ben had some one on one grandma time. that's right. we took a baby to a baby shower. is that like wearing white to a wedding? and for the record, i did make sure it was okay with jen weeks prior. ;)

their custom baby wrap.

tom said that he didn't want to unwrap them!

hello extra dirty martini. how i've missed you. 

they had a candy bar. 

 with their pressies.

was nice to visit with the friends. got to see yogert who was in from st. louis and tom's sister who i only run into at old navy! :) stayed way longer than anticipated but was totally worth it.


met my parents and grandma for breakfast. was the first time that great grandma has seen miss amelia. she got ben a big brother present. star wars guys, which he loved. 

and the cutest outfits for amelia. 

after breakfast, we stopped at kohls. i had a few returns and some kohl's kash. nick and ben ran in and i fed melie in the car. had to improvise a sun shade.

we went to the st. john fair in the evening. was a bit chilly but not too terrible. ben kept asking to go every time he and nick came home from school/work.

first stop, the round and round, of course!

he wanted to ride everything! even the big kid rides. really wish i didn't have an incision and that nick could tolerate spinning rides. next year buddy. ;)

cute boy holding a cute baby. 

he really did like the flying bananas. 

there was a dropped lemonade incident. thankfully, the guy was super nice and gave me a new one. pretty sure this was right after the event.

boys went and played games while i fed baby. ben won tons of prizes. nick said he was super lucky.

as i sat there and fed baby, i watched a boatload of kids walking by with bunnies. i swear, they're the new goldfish! i overhead one kid on the phone with his mom. after hanging up, he reluctantly gave his bunny away to a friend and said my mom told me i couldn't come in the house if i had a bunny! i like that mom!

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