ten on tuesday 9.24.13

- i hate admitting this. i did it. i caved. i downloaded candy crush!

- i think miss melie has inherited her dad's 'donkey face.' aka stank eye. she has a pretty mean look! watch out world.

- ben asked me to read him a story during bedtime one night. so i started a 'once upon a time story' and made up a good 5 minute story. at the end he said, 'no mom. i wanted a story. not a fairy tale.' smarty pants.

-  3-0 in fantasy football. yay me! i play nick this week. here come bragging rights.

- i had just vacuumed the living room and came back in like 5 minutes later and there were goldfish crumbs every where! asked ben what happened and he said, 'the goldfish were jousting. sorry mom.'

- did our second pint ride last night. went well. loving my new bike. however, bike shorts {with that fancy crotch padding} take a lot of getting used to!

- hear that you could add pumpkin spice to your coffee and make your own flavored coffee. nick tried it this morning... but he added it to cold coffee. that didn't work so well. gonna have to try again with hot next time!

- miss melie has worn out the batteries in her swing. quite impressive. ben hated that thing. she loves it!

- so tired today i put my wallet in my lunch bag. oy. took me like 5 minutes to figure it out too.

- cleaned our dishwasher. ah-mazing. totally do it. will be doing this regularly! 

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