ten on tuesday 9.10.13

- thinking i was overly ambitious to start training for a 5k the week i returned to work after maternity leave!

- ben is on an einy meiny kick. so cute. yet frustrating when i need him to decide in a hurry.

- ben also has been saying hip hooray. he tends to forget the second hip!

- was randomly telling a story at work and one of my coworkers was like, 'it is nice to have you back.' glad to know i liven up the work day! shortly after, one of the doctors said the same thing!

- going on a field trip with ben tomorrow. holy crumbs it's gonna be hot...

- miss melia is still cute as ever. even cute when she wants to be fed every four hours at night... i think it's easier this time because you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. and that i know she's my last babe so i best enjoy every moment.

- think that nick and i are going to be spending monday evenings doing some sort of physical activity: bike rides or indoor volleyball. ;)

- my brother detailed my car this weekend. it looks so super shiny and awesome!

- ben takes milk {in a sippy} and cereal or a cereal bar to school in the morning. today nick accidently gave ben the milk from yesterday... ben took two sips and said, 'daddy, this tastes funny.' ew! and thank goodness he didn't have an upset stomach at school.

- hoping to find my back to work groove within the next few weeks. think it totally helped that i started getting up at an earlier time last week and cut out the daytime naps!

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