amelia marie: one month!

here is ben's post. just in case you want to compare the two. ;-)

- she could quite possibly be the nosiest baby ever. grunts and coos all the time. no, it doesn't stop when she is sleeping.

 - weighed in at 11 pounds 1 ounce. at her one month visit. which was a bit late... length is still 20 3/4. never reached that birth length!

 - eats four ounces every three hours.

- has been on lots of adventures: st. john fest, lake county fair, her first movie {despicable me 2}.

- wears 0-3 month clothing.

 - is super calm. only really cries when she's hungry.

- had a serious bout of baby acne.

 - always moving her legs. well, at least one of them. {she did it in utero too. i think she'll be walking soon!} ;)

 - isn't the biggest fan of her car seat.

 - loves the swing.

 - fights sleep like you wouldn't believe.

and the pictures...
the first one cracks me up. girl has some facial expressions!

'hey! i spy a kitty!'

teeny, tiny baby toes.

i remember thinking back on when ben was a baby and finding it so hard to remember when my hand covered his entire back. ;)

a little look at her strawberry. has one on her neck and higher on her head. also has two little marks on the small of her back. {does this mean she can't have a tramp stamp later in life?}

so bad that my one month post is closer to her two month birthday. oh well. i'm slowly but surely catching up. maybe... hopefully... and the point is just putting it down and remembering it so i have it one day, right?

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