ten on tuesday 9.17.13

- happy to say that the exercising is still going strong. kind of surprised myself since i thought it would be a bit much with starting work too. taking it in baby steps. finding myself with more energy!

- first pint ride. i'm getting a new bike now. just saying.

- got my fit bit. i'm in love. totally makes me want to move more!

- how come miss amelia will sleep 6-7 hour stretches on the weekend and not during the week? murphy's law of parenthood?

- have gotten back into cooking again. feels good.

- i miss daylight.

- ben got two ribbons in swim class last week. so proud.

- going to a drug rep dinner meeting tomorrow. it has been years. bad nurse.

- trying to plan our halloween costumes. really thinking it will be the last year i can pull off a theme.

- we're famous! :)

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