wip 7.20.13


had our newborn photo shoot with miss monica. she was amazing. again, totally would suggest her in a heart beat if you're local.

hers are much better. my iphone version is pretty cute too, though. ;)


he was super tired after the shoot. check out that shake tilting oh so dangerously. 


the coopers came over for a bit in the evening. brought us dinner. chinese! 
lil miss was just chilling.

i have no pictures of their visit. baby decided she needed to nurse and we were mia for an hour. {part of the reason i switched to pumping only...}

then nick headed to work and i hung out with the kidlets.


ben wanted to recreate the photo shoot. he loves his baby sister. 

the boys went on a bike ride.
well, nick walked and ben rode. ben loves his new bike. and his spiderman helmet matches perfectly! 

ben wanted to drive by the coopers, and they were home and outside so it turned into bike riding time with the girls 

all that bike riding made for hungry littles... they had a berry snack. seriously, ben will eat all of your raspberries or blueberries. watch out. 

they taste better when you eat them off of your fingers.

wynn photo bomber. she learned from her dad. ;)

aw. friends. 

the meyer's came and brought dinner. brought ben his big brother bag and got to hold miss amelia for the first time!

 was a lazy evening. just visited with the family and watched american ninja warrior!

lazy day. still trying to figure out this new baby thing!

some boy bonding with video games. 

went to john and bill's for dinner. 
the kids got to play and swim. i got out of the house. so hard being stuck in baby isolation when you're used to dealing with 70+ patients a day! 

here i come dad!

she's not impressed. 

john has ben doing cheerleading tricks. 

i got wine! weeeee!

dinner was delicious. i don't have pictures. just the kids. john made steaks and fettuccine alfredo. 

nick went back to work...
the rest of us camped out in my bed.
ben needed a snack. happy to say all the pistachio crumbs stayed on nick's side of the bed! 

she's exhausted. xo!

first weekend home with baby and we still managed to keep it busy!

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