wip 4.27.13

time for a getaway with the cooper clan. i was trying to figure out a witty name for us... coopsners was the best i could do! :)

started off a bit late. what else is new? then we ran to dunkin donuts. ran into john and the girls there. so crazy!

finally off and winnie gets sick. like 10 minutes into our road trip. i guess this is normal for her... found some benadryl that i had packed {no. none of us had the liquid version for the little ones... bad planning. i had everything else since ben had been sick. oh well.}

poor winnie couldn't swallow it and had a pink tongue. i'm sure it didn't taste good and that didn't help with the vomitting situation!

the pharmacist in action....

hello wisconsin! time for a pit stop.

was really hoping that ben would tire himself out and take a nap for the rest of the ride...

 me and my shadow.

 three cute kids.

after lots of playing and some snacking and, of course, a potty break, we were back on the road.

ben fell asleep like twenty minutes away from our destination. go figure.

we're here! 

the kids enjoyed lunch while the moms and dads unpacked and got settled in. 

i snuck around and snapped some quick pics of where we were staying. it was a cabin. a short walk away from the indoor parks. perfect weekend for us to be walking outside. not so sure i would have been a fan in the winter months, even with the shuttle.
we had lots of sleeping space {three bedrooms}, a living room, three bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room table, a little screened in porch. would definitely recommend for a big group of people. or a party of seven! :)
caught a shuttle to the one park. it had the wave pool and a kiddie area. had to wait a few minutes for it to open. i guess it had been under construction that week. 

ben's favorite slide. this is where we spent the majority of our time last time we visited! 

notice the inappropriate chimney.

nick had to point it out to me. i really can't believe that no one noticed when they were building it...

time to actually venture out into some open waters. ;)

i think they're creating a plan of attack. 

 family photo op!

 somehow we convinced ben to go down a slide with daddy. from what i hear, he did pretty good!
a pretzel time out. someone was too excited to eat at the cabin. and was quite leery of the giant bucket that kept dumping water on everyone. think he just wanted to get a feel for the place!

ben was finally ready to partake in some slides. 

they made it!

the kids were short on naps, so we didn't press our luck and stay at the park too late. we headed back to the cabin for eats and a bit of rest and then headed back to the main area for some games and mini golf. 

the kids are ready! ;)

someone is obsessed with blue! ignore the crazy red eyes. i can barely upload pics let alone edit them. bear with me. hopefully, sometime this year i'll figure it out!

i always forget that my ring glows in black light. i remember the first time we noticed and we all yelled at nick for buying me a fake ring! ha!
time for some indoor playground fun. they had this crazy area with balls and guns and it was intense. at least i thought so, and i wasn't actually inside of it.

ben gave it a go for a while...
then came out and said it was too loud and it hurt his ears. so he asked to cuddle, of course, i said yes!

we turned in relatively early that night. the kids all had a sleep over in the upstairs bedroom. and jason read us all stories before they fell asleep!

normally, we would have stayed up drinking and playing games but the old people that we are, okay... i think it was mostly my fault, went to bed early! 

can we go guys?  

the mommas and their ducklings. <3

they were all going to give the ropes course a try. ben chickened out and said no right away. the girls got all strapped in and ready and freaked. so nick and jas ended up doing it on their own. 

after the boys were done, we headed to our favorite of the three indoor parks. it was nice because it's also the one that was closest to our cabin!

ben was starting to warm up to the slides a bit. 

 he preferred the 'hot pool.' {really can't stand that nick lets him hang out in there. oh well...}

someone suddenly overcame all previous reservations and was gung ho about going all by himself!
and felt brave enough to let nick hold him and let the bucket of water fall on them! hooray baby steps!
enjoying a big slide with jason and nick.

then it was time for more slides!


bumper boats!

 played games in the arcade after naptime.


had just told everyone that i saw the craziest pizza delivery car when we were checking in on friday. not even 10 minutes later, we saw one as we were walking through the hotel! 
finally made it back to our favorite area and played until we closed the place down. they literally turned the water off as the kids were standing in line. nick was super bummed because he was waiting to go on a grown up slide that jason had just raved about and he didn't get to experience it. he kinda blames me since i had to pee and then found a phone while i was in the bathroom and tried to find the lost and found. i know, i suck for trying to be a good person!

lounging around the cabin before bedtime. 
was another early evening. not necessarily planned but again, this pregnant lady needs her sleep! 
we decided that our next adventure won't be when i'm 6+ months pregnant!
tried to get to laser tag early. still had to wait. these boys kept creepin on nick and ben's space trying to check out ben's game on the phone! nick was thrilled, clearly. ;)

everyone suited up and ready to go!
pardon the crappy coloring. again, someday i may figure out how to edit and upload...

the kids really enjoyed it. even if their vests were ridiculously baggy. 
nick won even though he was worried about ben and trying to make sure he was okay. not surprising...

and back to our favorite hang out for a few more hours of fun before we headed home.

nick had to have a 'talk' with beans. he got a little excited and took off for a slide before we were all ready. we're happy you're excited buddy but mom and dad need to know where you're going!
at one point, ben took the craziest tumble coming down one of the slides. christy and i could not stop laughing. thankfully, he didn't freak out and immediately asked, 'did you see that?'  phew. was worried he was going to go back to being scared about the water.  and yay for lifeguards who helped this pregnant lady and would left him out from time to time giving me a break!

 somehow miss braiden ended up in time out. this was how the mature parents passed the time...
 ben tried to go over and cheer her up! well, once chris let her out! not during. couldn't let him really interrupt her punishment.
wynnie came over and i think ben tagged himself out!

we left the water park not too long after and headed back to the arcade. figured we should really tire ben out for the car ride home! 
 nick really wanted to win one of the giant balls. he came close.

 ben wanted to play more basketball. he was way better than i thought he would be!

then the boys raced and i played let's make a deal. exciting life i lead, right? 
and we're done...  

did not even make it out of the parking lot before he passed out. and he insisted on that damn pillow being behind his head. i have no idea how that was comfortable.
i spy snow on the ski slopes!

nick saw a cheese place advertised on the way up. we were adventurous and stopped. wasn't sure what i was expecting but this place wasn't it! 

they let us try endless samples. ben was in heaven. who am i kidding? we all were. we're a big cheese loving family! 

after buying some crazy flavors and trying some even weirder ones we headed back on the road. 

i think it was a pretty successful weekend. love being able to spend time with our friends and create memories for ourselves and our children. love that we decided to do that instead of gifts {birthday or christmas for the little ones!}

so glad ben was mostly cooperative considering how sick the poor guy was... see this post!  he developed the rash the monday evening after our trip. thankfully, the girls both stayed fifth's disease free! would have felt awful if ben had gotten them sick!

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