wip 5.4.13


a day spent organizing and creating for me. worked on some bins kinda along these lines. haven't figured out exactly how we're going to do it. but the process is started and we have condensed and saved a lot of space so far.

then i started working on a busy binder for ben. it has puzzles and matching and money concepts. i also printed some words and letters and numbers for him to practice. slipped em in a page protector so that he could re-use them. gotta love dry erase markers! and crayons! and pencils!

nick wanted to go to some bbq place that was supposed to be super delicious. i agreed. didn't realize that he was taking me to a scarier neighborhood.

yes, that's their grill out front. classy.

we were so close to ordering it to go but decided to stick it out instead. the people were really nice. just not exactly a 'fine' dining experience.. ben kept pointing out an ant that was crawling by....

he soon forgot the ant when they brought him blue water!

our spread. we tried everything. almost. and let ben pick and choose from our plates. he is a huge fan of ribs now! yay.

the owner was nice enough to come out and give him some ice cream after we finished our meals.

made a stop at the office supply store on the way back.
sharpie heaven...

time for learning fun. 

had a girlfriend come and help me make nick's step sister's garter for prom. who am i kidding? val made the whole thing! bri got it home and added the ribbon and rhinestone beading on top. think they did a great job! yay for helpful, crafty friends.

headed out to target for who knows what...
i love ben in his flips. so cute.

he went and picked me a 'rose.' so sweet.

nick realized we were so close to happy hour for frappucino's so we sat and waited and bought ben a slushie to pass the time.

tried the new hazelnut one. was pretty tasty. i'm not a fan of whipped cream and stuff on my frapps. but the girl messed up and ben just got to enjoy some extra sugar. ;)

a shot of the garter in action!

decided last minute to try to go to the drive in. only really wanted to see the first movie... iron man 3. i love robert downey jr. one of my favorite conversations with friends revolved around him. and led to two quotes of the night that still get brought up regularly!

beautiful sunset. 

someone unable to sit still while we were waiting for the movie to start.

enjoying some peanuts.

silly faces with mommy.

note to self: only let ben eat peanuts outside of the car. ;)

our feetsies. this is the instagram edited shot.

a lucky peanut?

we did only stay for the first movie. first time we've ever done that. was nice to get home at a decent time though!

beaner's crazy breakfast request...

then we headed out for some yard work. really need to attack some weeds and pick up bunches of leaves that have managed to find a home in our retaining walls and landscaping.

thought ben might help a bit more. apparently, he gets his attention span from me. well, at least when it comes to house work!

he ended up taking lots of hydration breaks and then busted out the trike!

we were supposed to meet at nick's mom's that afternoon. used it as an opportunity to stop at the outlet mall and pick up some clothes for the wee man. had timed it perfectly until the cashier had to count every article of clothing because she missed something. then cancelled our purchase and wanted to rescan it. i swear i spent more time in line that i did walking through the store making our purchases!

made it to nick's mom's. a bit late. sigh. i think that is going to become the new story of our life. especially when baby number two arrives. ;)

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