double digits.

we made it. 10 years.
sorry for the crappy photo....
this computer is not hooked up to the scanner. so i took a picture of a picture.
i tried editing it a bit. ended up just adding the border from my favorite photo app purchase! :)

had high hopes for a fancy post about ten years. but i'm not so good when it comes to words... if you heard my vows, you understand. nick put me to shame. maybe i should have him write a post about 10 years of marriage. hmm...

i couldn't have picked a better man to be my husband. the father of my children. he truly is the love of my life and my best friend. who knew that twenty years ago {in august} when i said 'i guess' to that dorky band boy who asked me out, that it would be the start of something special?

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TracyDacy said...

Happy anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Pressner!