wip 4.20.13

stayed home with a sick benjamin.
was crazy that i had scheduled some things thursday evening instead of friday, which would have been my normal routine. must have known that something was gonna happen.

nick brought me starbucks. aw... ben loves the whipped cream. i'm not a fan, so we make a great team.

chilling and watching movies.

cheese eating machine.

nick ran to work. i was in shower and ben was downstairs. i called down to check on ben and make sure he didn't need anything. a few minutes later, ben yells, 'hey ma?' when i said yes, he said, 'i love you.' so cute!

ben bowled for the first time!
was a bit leery at first. but once he got into it, he was super excited!

wanted to do it on his own!

ben almost beat nick the first game!

check out those killer shoes! so cute.

concentrating super hard.

loved the extra finger holes!

patiently waiting his turn. but would bossily tell someone when it was their turn. i think bp stands for bossy pants. ;)

action shot!

cheese! do we have to stop?

ben ended up going home with jerbear and grandma bear. change of plans. but sometimes that is life. we weren't even sure that we were for sure going to leave him. michelle, promised us it was okay and she didn't mind with his on and off symptoms: fevers, hives but the worry wart mother in me wasn't so sure. nick was less leery, so he's the one that encouraged me to let him go...

we got his stuff packed and dropped off at their place and then headed out with friends to la caretta. love that place. my pink lemonades were a bit sad amongst all the beers and margaritas. oh well, soon enough!

i think christy and i almost peed ourselves on the way home. jas and nick were drunk. nick way more than jay and they were trying to get a song to play on blue tooth. so as nick would shout his directions to the car, jason would shout opposite ones or over him. i know it sounds lame, but seriously. was so good to laugh like that. made it to dairy queen safely. convinced katie and christy that they needed to try the chocolate covered pretzel peanut butter blizzard flavor. so good. {side note: i really need to try a smores one...}

got a cute text update from the grand parents. the cousins made and decorated cookies.

game time with the coopers and freidericks.
my stomach hurt so bad. again cards against humanity needs to be played with the appropriate people. can be super offensive. see following cards. we even have a friend who removes some of them because he regularly plays with his family!

we randomly discussed two cards before the game started and lo and behold, i drew both of them. sucks.

another cousin shot. with marley too!

switched it up to wits and wagers

was a late night. i think we got home at 2.

had an early wake up call. met up with some peeps for frisbee golf.  i didn't play. was a spectator.

here we go! was such a pretty morning. a bit chilly but totally tolerable!

look. we are very sleepy!

daffodils. love them! first sign of spring makes me super happy! 

everyone waiting their turn. :)

there was lots of laughs, a lost frisbee, frisbees in trees, found frisbees {that weren't ours}, a not so nice group of players behind us, lots of tree pics on my part and daffodils, some soggy feet, and lots of fun memories. i know i say it a lot, but i love my/our friends and we don't get to see them often enough. the joys of being a grown up?

some of the above mentioned things in no particular order. {computer isn't being cooperative and i'm so tired of being months behind.}

picked ben up early that afternoon. we napped. when he woke up, he was so out of sorts. yelling that he didn't feel good. had a crazy temp. like 105. couldn't get him to take his meds, which is usually never a problem. he requested the blue medicine. uh, we've never had blue medicine. so i dyed it with food coloring. a little overzealously.... but it worked even if he had a blue month for a little while.

he finally felt better and wanted to have some juice and watch a show. we enjoyed a lazy evening in just snuggling with our little guy.

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