5 on friday. 6.21.13

since i skipped the ten on tuesday this week...

- slowly but surely crossing lots off of my list from monday. weee!!!
{1. in progress. waiting on laundry!. 2. clothes have been sorted by sizes and the first load has been washed. 3. done! 4. car seats resolved.  diaper bag, not so much. 5. in process 6. 5 posts this week. that has to count!}

- feeling 93803 pounds lighter. this pregnancy has been emotionally exhausting. i have had 6 ultrasounds. 2 of them being level 2 ones. baby bug's pregnancy post will be around soon... been jotting down thoughts along the way, but happy to say that as of tuesday, we were reassured that the abnormalities that had us freaked out in february and again last week, are resolved. and baby is healthy but big! guesstimates are putting her around 9 pounds at delivery! {hooray csections?!}and no, we didn't share with everyone. couldn't handle the extra pressure of always being asked and then didn't want to freak everyone out if it was nothing. so, yes, some of you may have found out via blog. don't worry, you aren't the only ones. and the stress and worry of everything that could be wrong, made me have reservations about prepping. i know it's silly, but it's why i think i kept putting everything off and didn't want to worry about sharing sex of the baby. i just wanted her to be okay. ;)

- our schedule and weekends are packed from now until baby comes. hoping that the fourth of july weekend stays relatively low key. and we can still find time for ourselves and ben and making sure we are as ready as can be when baby decides to join us. gotta love summer!

-found myself sent home from work yesterday. had to go to my ob appointment a few hours early. apparently, work had been so horrendous i didn't have time to stop and feel contractions. just this terribly awful shooting pains to my lower abdomen. eek! was told to do nothing yesterday, and take it easy the rest of the weekend. can go back to work monday if the symptoms i was having are resolved. {maybe i was in denial... couldn't possibly have this baby now. it's too early!}

- finally starting to get the hang of this computer. better late than never!

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