ten on tuesday 6.4.13

- totally forgot to post yesterday. we rescheduled our maternity shoot from sunday to yesterday... the weather was much more cooperative. have seen two sneaks and cannot wait to see the rest!

- ben has become quite the bossy pants. he directs nick and i on how to act when we're playing or in random every day life.

- if you're at a doctor's office, please turn the sound off on your phone. no one wants to hear your key strokes or notifications or you unlocking your phone. 

- why can't i do dishes without completely soaking myself?

- my mom couldn't stop introducing me as her 'pregnant daughter.' gee, thanks, mom. i think they can see that! couldn't she just have said daughter? i guess she was excited! ;)

- my parents watched ben a while back and some how ben got my dad hooked on candy crush?! i don't even play that game. i've thought about but am trying to be strong!

- feeling like if it isn't one thing, it's another. have lots going on and i'm hoping that doctor's visits will be few and far between in the future because we're keeping em hopping as of late. all three of us!

- nick has been working a lot. last week, he walked in the door after work and ben said, 'daddy. are you going to volleyball or work or are you going to stay home for a little bit?' aw...

- it's june. where is time going? cannot believe baby bug will be here next month! 

- still getting used to the new computer. tried to upload some pics this weekend. still having some issues. yay for technologically gifted hubbies who try to help their wives.

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