wip 5.18.13


i was an organizing machine. love it when that happens. got lots of little projects crossed off my list. :)

the only picture that's worth sharing that i took that day...
ben's short and sock combo. it is weird to actually see his little legs peeking out from his shorts when they aren't hella long! 

love that he rocks the crazy socks. and he almost always insists that they are pulled up as far as they will go!

got lots of errands done in the evening: target, albert's, best buy, bath and body works... and then nick went back in to work.

early morning. i ran more errands while nick stayed home with ben. then gibi and jerbear came to pick up ben and we headed off to see book of mormon with my brother and his girlfriend, bk or brittany. {i'll probably refer to her both ways, so better i clarify now.}

because we are no good at remember where we were in a parking garage. well, the boys aren't and i couldn't promise anything with my pregnancy brain!

we made it! i wasn't really sure what to expect. i'm not the biggest south park fan. the boys, however, were super excited. well, kevin was upset about ticket price but he's a cheapy! ;)  i couldn't believe how diverse the crowd was. 

ben platt! benji from pitch perfect... in the show we were seeing?!  aca-awesome!

i laughed so hard. i couldn't believe that they got away with half of the content. so hilarious. totally want to see it again to pick up on all the little things that i know i missed because i was in shock or laughing.

was able to use the disabled bathroom at intermission. couldn't believe it when the usher diverted me out of the normal line to the hidden one. i guess that is a perk of being visibly pregnant!

finished the show. kevin said it was well worth the price of admission. glad we had a convert. he can be a tough one to crack.

walked to millenium park after the show. i can't help it. i have to when i'm that close. i'm obsessed with the bean. 

love the skyline. can't help but think of adventures in babysitting every time i see that building. 

i don't usually like tulips but these were impressive. they were huge! 

can you see us?


there we are!

of course, i have one of just nick and i. apparently, we are big fans of stripes. ;)


 some guy taking pics of his dog in front of the bean. weird!

might be my most favorite-est sign. so true! 

walked passed a cvs and couldn't help but take a picture. or two.

decided to try dmk for dinner.  was a much debated topic for the previous week.

my dinner mates were fans of the cake batter shake or whatever it was that they ordered. 

the mac and cheese was so good. and the fried okra and whatever else was on the plate was good too.

couldn't decide on one variety of fry. so we tried three. they were okay. 

my super bright mushroom burger. figured it was the safest bet since i need my meat well done.
didn't realize they would deep fry my portabella. was super tasty. would definitely order again. i think that everyone else was very satisfied with their burgers as well. yay!

 we were home early. we are wild like that. i fell asleep on the couch by like 930. everyone else watched a movie. couldn't even tell you which one...


met nick's dad and girlfriend for breakfast and to pick up ben.
hadn't been before. was good. ben loved it because there was a sand area outside that he could play in.

and he got to feed the fishies and birds.

headed to the coopers to swim for a bit.
ben wanted to jump right in. 

wynnie and beans. i have no clue what they were doing. but they crack me up.

ben had never done a slide in a pool before. wasn't sure how he would do...

he did great. climbed up with no problems. the tricky part is getting him to stay seated. he ended up laying flat every single time!

nick let him be really adventurous and do it without his vest. i about had a heart attack!

chilling time on the stairs in the shallow end.

ended up turning into a ball fight.

time for the vests again. ben wanted nick to throw him in. that kid is so darn fearless.

again, ben and his facial expressions.


practicing holding their breath under water.

i have no clue...

ben wanted to try to dive and get the sticks. i was shocked. he did pretty darn good considering it was his first time holding his breath and trying to swim deep.

i got em!

family picture fail. ;)

came home napped and grilled and watched ice age. 

pretty kitty.

pretty sure we were all wiped out, just like kitty, by the end of this weekend!

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