ack! 5 things...

going to make a list here of 5 things i want need to accomplish this week. hopefully, having it here will hold me more accountable. not that it matters, sometimes life just has a way of throwing you a million curveballs at once and you have to pick and choose what gets done. but with baby's arrival about 30 days away, i can't put off this stuff any longer!

hoping that 5 is realistic with our crazy ass week. {nick's tech is out so he's super busy at work. my boss is out, so i'm in charge at work. two doctor's appointments. a family dinner date - which we need to do some prep and grilling for. and i'm sure i'm forgetting something.}oh and nightly snuggles with beanerman is a must. i'm starting to get anxiety about not spending enough time with him once baby arrives...

1. pack my hospital bag. yeah, that's a biggie. considering the doc said she just wants me to make it one more week then if labor starts, it starts. there's no stopping it...

2. wash all the baby hand-me downs we have received. friends are the best!

3. order some bare necessities for baby's arrival from amazon. again, friends are the best because i do have some diapers and wipes here in case i don't get to this one!

4. pack the diaper bag and figure out car seat arrangements for ben and baby in my car, nick's car, and my mom's car.

5. pull out newbie stuff from basement to figure out what we will use and what needs to be clean. and prep baby's room. {crib, diaper pail, wash blankies and sheets.}

6. bonus one for extra credit? ;)
blog. with photos. hopefully, two weekend in pictures to catch up on. maybe more. hey, i can do that while laying in bed. doesn't take too much effort, right? just as long as work and my other life craziness doesn't make me too mentally exhausted. ;)

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