ten on tuesday 6.11.13

- tried updating the blog last night. had the lap top die during the middle of the post... was too lazy pregnant to walk downstairs and plug it in to finish blogging!

- still working out photo uploading with new computer. i'm about ready to pull my hair out. i think nick would agree.

- has anyone seen this? the air curler. i was dumbfounded when i saw the commercial. like literally sat there with my mouth open. there's no way it works, right? i imagine a big scary knot!

- had a patient ask what we were naming the baby. told her it was my husband's choice this time. she said, 'i hope it's not after a dog.' what?! so when i asked why she would say that, she said that she was named after her dad's favorite dog growing up... sandra. poor lady!

- we got new neighbors. the son insists on parking on our side of the street, in front of our house. it's not like there isn't room on their side of the street. urgh.

- the other night ben told nick that he wanted mommy to take him to bed again. {we usually alternate nights.} when nick asked him why ben said, 'because mommy gives better back rubs.' awesome!

- i cannot believe it is almost fantasy football time.

- anxious for baby's doctor appointment this week. should be setting csection date! we're like 36 days or so away. eek!

- my dad planted my garden for me. how awesome is that?! i had bought some plants and he had leftovers, told him i had been meaning to get out there but just hadn't had the chance. so he came over and did it with ben and my mom's help. yay for this pregnant lady not having to get down and plant everything!

- ben has really started pronouncing the 's' at the end of yes. sometimes, most of the time, he is a bit overzealous and says, 'yessss.' so cute.

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