ten on tuesday 6.25.13

- i know english is a hard language. but i'm loosing faith in this country's education. so irritated with people misusing words. there is a difference between past and passed. {complains the person who can't be bothered with caps and proper punctuation...}

- have been watching north america with ben. so fun to watch his reactions and to see him learn.

- so cute when ben comes up and kisses my tummy and says 'i love you baby.'

- am no longer on bed rest. can work but i have to go slow and take frequent breaks. if my symptoms return, then i'm on desk duty. hoping these pains stay away and we can make it a few more weeks!

- go blackhawks! two goals in 17 seconds. have to say, i was thinking there would be a game seven!

- cannot believe fourth of july is next week. holy cow does time fly!!

- ben asks for america cheese.

-had no computer access at work today. awesome when you used computerized charting. {yes, that was sarcastic.} however, we were able to move much more quickly without having to log into a computer all the time.

- a little irritated at the computer. it ate one of my weekend in picture posts. just when i think i'm making progress!

- hospital bag is half packed. yay!

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