ten on tuesday 5.1.12

- updated my mac and now i can't use the mouse at work! i keep scrolling the wrong direction!

- ben has started adding 'all the time' after he says 'i love you'. so sweet.

- was looking for a rolling pin on amazon and when i typed in 'rolling p' it automatically finished with rolling papers? really? do that many people search for them on amazon?

- my friend made fun of how bright my iphone was when i turned it out, so she changed it. and now whenever i use my phone, i think it's broken! and it's so not a good flashlight any more!

- went to three floyd's for the first time in ages tonight. they have the best french fries. yum. and the hell's black inteligencer was delicious.

- might have to teach someone how to make the pouches that i posted about yesterday. eek! all by myself, without miss valerie's assistance. hope my needle cooperates!

- i can never remember my ebay password. you think that's the world telling me that i shouldn't be on ebay?

-  had to figure out how to use pages on the mac. holy cow is it different from word!

- have an itunes gift card that is still burning a hole in my pocket because i'm can't decide between like five albums... so i guess buying none is the right option? i'm weird i know.

- i dislike change. but sometimes it's necessary. i hate that it scares me so much. wish i was a more of a 'go with the flow' kinda gal.

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