ten on tuesday 5.29.12

- ben can say crackers. however, not when combined with another word. i'm not sure graham crappers are very appetizing.

- never noticed it before but the candy is across from all the cereal in the grocery store. note to self: only buy cereal by myself when ben is older.

- had someone tell me their nickname for someone. love it when little secrets brighten my day and continue to make me smile days later when i think of it. and 'cling on' is so appropriate. kinda sad i didn't come up with that one.

- why must my phone insist on changing so to do and if to it? why? and yes, i could turn it off but i don't want to.

- had a damn you auto correct moment when texting with a girlfriend today. i could not stop laughing. i think it was because i was reading her texts in her crazy, but lovable, voices! and because it wasn't my errors or i probably would have just been annoyed with the darn phone.

- love when i tell ben 'a few more minutes' he says, 'okay five.' never fails. and if i say, 'ten more minutes.' he says, 'no. five.' silly little man.

- had to tie my shepherd's hooks up this afternoon. my plants are pulling them over!

- still undecided on the garden. ack! why can't i decide?

- impromptu landscaping adjustment today. my husband is awesome. love that he gets stuff done around the house. makes me beyond happy.

- had an amazing weekend. always said when they are over but kind of relieved. it can get a bit busy. but feeling lucky and thankful that we have such a full life. ;)

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