finding my balance.

feeling like we've been doing a lot these past few weeks. trying to find some down time. not sure what should stay and what should go.

i want to spend time with my family. i want to exercise. i want to read. i want to go out with the girls. i want to catch up on tv shows. i want to make pretty things {photos/crafts}. i want to sit in a bubble bath.  i want to clean the house. i want to find time to put away the laundry {not really!} i want to do date nights with other couples. i want ben to see his friends. i want, i want, i want.

but there's only so many hours in a day. and even fewer that i'm home with my loves.  about three hours every evening between work and bedtime. {i really should do a week in the life....}

i stumbled across this on pinterest. totally in love with it!


hoping i can find some balance and keep my sanity! :)

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