wip 5.5.12

the usual activities. made a stop at starbucks for frappucino happy hour. tried the cookie mocha something. was way chocolatey. not a big fan.

was also able to swing by the library before picking ben up from school. was feeling adventurous and got two books. not sure i can finish the one by friday. i see an extension in my future. i just couldn't decide between them!

ben got home, used the potty, and when i was done washing my hands i found this. silly boy.

playing with the new toys mommy and daddy made. they are pretty fun! not bad for a less than $15 project.

and my crazily bruised ankle. almost two weeks later. oy. pardon the crappy picture. but i wanna remember this injury...

coffee in my beloved tetris mug. ;)

snuggle time with orbit. 

ben giving some loving.

then in the afternoon i headed to a baby shower.

they had the cutest fruit bowl.

i kicked ass at the diaper changing game. ;) 

a pregnant lady and a pinata... i guess it was cinco de mayo!

mom and dad to be with the grandma to be.

the greatest hat! her loving sisters made it. the best part was the pink and blue pacifiers around the rim. 

i'm kinda sad that i have no group photos. hoping that miss mary will upload some pictures to facebook sooner rather than later. {hint, hint if you're reading this my friend.}

then it was home for dinner with the boys.

some hide and seek. 

fun with the hose? nick was being silly when i asked him to get some water for our indoor plants. ben loved it. 

 and a movie date on the couch. super 8. not bad. kinda reminded me of stand by me.


a quick trip to costco. needed a few necessities... then realized the coupons didn't start until the 10th. doh. but ben enjoyed that it was snack day.

and we have to get a book every time we go. he wanted to stay in the cart and read while nick and i lunched. 

passed out reading. he's so sweet. 

tried to get him to nap again when we got home. no such luck. even in bed with mommy. so we played. and listened to the thunder. 

then nick's dad and family came. bri wanted to do one of our pinterest project's for her sewing class. had a few snafu's but we made it! 

ben played outside with gibi while bri and i were sewing. nick and his dad went to storage to clean out stuff from who knows when!

dinner. in process. 

and the boys playing frisbee golf while it was on the grill.

bri and ben were enjoying her iphone camera. two of my favorites.

who knew ben knew what a duck face was?!

being silly.

once ben was asleep we watched tower heist. it was okay. had some funny parts. and i love ben stiller. when it was over and they left, nick headed out to sort through all the goodies he brought back from storage.

loved that the boxes didn't stay in the garage long. had em sorted through that evening. might be a record for us!

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