ten on tuesday 5.15.12

- computer upgrade complete. i love my hubby. i now have more memory and new external hard drive. thanks babe.

- had a girlfriend tell me that she thinks of me every time she hears a commercial for ovation hair therapy.  apparently, i let everyone know that i would like to have thicker, fuller hair!

- found out where my couponing obsession comes from. my grandpa. i guess he was known to buy something because it was on sale, even if he already had 5 of that same item at home.

- appletini crystal light tastes like an apple jolly rancher. too sweet for me. i prefer the mojito!

- went to pick up ben from daycare yesterday and this one child kept calling me sweetheart. i kept hearing 'hey sweetheart' and had no clue he was talking to me. finally he said, 'excuse me sweetheart. would you like to join my vampire club.' where do they get this stuff?!

- ben got to pick out a toy since he was accident free all week. yay! he wanted army guys. so army guys it was.  nick over heard him having a conversation with them in the bath tub...
army guy 1: i'm swimming
army guy 2: you can't swim
army guy 1: why not?
army guy 2: cause you have boots on
army guy 1: oh i'm skateboarding
army guy 2: oh okay then

- got my lazy ass on the elliptical for the first time in ages last night. thought i was gonna have to whip my butt in shape for a 5k on the second. it's sold out... phew. next race is in a month. i think i'll be okay.... i hope! and surprisingly my ankle held up pretty well.

- nick has let ben push buttons on the keyboard a few time when he's playing his game. and now it's one of ben's favorite past times. he rarely gets to do it but it's crazy how much he remembers. and kinda crazy that he knew nick has a password protection thing on his iphone and it was needed before they could play for a few minutes this evening.

- cannot decide on a garden this year. i think it's because i want nick to move the garden boxes behind the new shed {and put a fire pit where they are now} and we haven't had a chance to do that yet... or because it's so much work and the bunnies end up eating more than we do!

- burnt the crap out of my finger tonight pulling dinner out of the oven. has made this post ridiculously painful. fingers crossed for a quick recovery because i need my pointer finger!

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