ten on tuesday 5.22.12

- my favorite quote of the week. 'she was kind of like a headache. you never know how bad it is until it's gone.' awesome. made my week. and was from a completely random conversation. {i promised the person who said it that they would remain anonymous. as soon as this was said, i whipped out my phone to remember it!}

- ben was being punished, so we put him in his room and told him he could come out when he stopped crying. a few minutes later, he proudly announced that he was all done. so he walked into the bedroom, where nick and i were talking and he ended up stubbing his toe on our bed. he turned around, walked back into his room so he could cry! poor guy.

- wore a dress to wake and my dad's comment was, 'you have legs?' smart ass. but my grandma insisted on buying my wedding dress because she knew it was one dress that i had to wear, so maybe he had a point. ;)

- what is with music lyrics these days? for example, take nicki minaj's starships lyrics. what the heck? seriously. do we just throw words together and as long as it goes to the beat it's okay?

- really dislike when someone says they are going to do something and then they don't. ugh. i hate flakers.

- ben was mesmerized by harry potter this weekend. this makes me happy! a movie that he will sit down and watch. it's been a while since he's been captivated by a movie.

- made some pimm's lemonade. i've read about it in quite a few of my brit chick lit books. it was different. tasty. just not what i was expecting.{we left out the strawberries and pineapple. will definitely add em next time!}

- it's official. nick and i are signed up for this. i'm kinda getting nervous. really need to get my butt training! hoping my ankle can hold up! it's still nice and swollen. but not too terribly painful.

- oh and yay for summer shandy season. so good.

- took a photography class in chicago this weekend. i learned so much. will hopefully have my wip up soon to share. makes me excited to start using my rebel more.

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