walking photography class.

last july i saw a living social deal for a walking photography class. shared it with a girlfriend and we both decided to purchase it. almost a year later, we finally got around to taking the class! so glad we did. even if it was during a crazy weekend in chicago.

see quick blurb about it on yesterday's post.

our class started in a starbucks.
just did a quick overview. what we knew. what we wanted to learn.

finally learned what a few buttons on my camera were for! ahem, it only took 9 years. i'm sorry, but i just don't do well with reading manuals or online courses. this class was perfect for the hands on learner, which i totally am!

so first photos. white balance. who knew?!

then it was out into the real world.
amazing how two little clicks can change a photo this much.

and the different colors. which is a bit hard for me to see on the screen but i'm getting there!

maybe a protestor and their film crew?

one of my favorite pictures taken during the class.

i learned how to make it blur! okay, so it's not the greatest yet. but i'm fully intending on practicing. if i can remember! can't wait to get that review email from our instructor to refresh.

cops everywhere.

another favorite.

the art institute.

secret service.

an eerily quiet chicago. no cars!

and then time for some bean photos. it's one of my favorite things in the city. so amazing. ;)

and me not paying attention at the end of class to snap this picture.

and more security...

so cool.
so glad i didn't chicken out and cancel because of the protests.
would definitely take another class in the future. hoping i can convince monica to go with me again! might be hard with a new born, but i'm gonna try! maybe a fall class so her lil one can be a few months old. ;)

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