wip 4.28.12

i slept til 3. yes, 3. i have no idea what was wrong with me. i got up to help nick get ben ready for school and climbed back into bed. the next thing i knew, it was 12 and i had a massive headache. got up took some meds and climbed back into bed. when i woke up, it was 3! so crazy. wasn't even out late thursday night. didn't drink a lot when out with the girls. i think that my hellish week caught up to me!

so we did a family outing to the grocery store.

ben was excited to push his own grocery cart. i refuse to let him get the car cart any more. he doesn't sit in it, it holds less, and is a pain in the ass to maneuver.

he was sick of it by the time we left produce. i wasn't surprised! ;) took all of 10 minutes!

came home and he put on his sunglasses. and proceeded to tell us that he was dr. seuss. that kid. it kills me what he remembers and pulls out of no where. love that he remembered his pediatrician appointment and the doctor listening to his lungs. love that he remembered that he called him dr. seuss instead of dr. stroman.

i had a visitor in the bath. normally it's orbit who sits on the edge and let's his tail fall in. chewy never ventures over when the tub is full. he prefers showers. the weirdo will sit in between the shower curtains while we're in there.

played 'don't fall in the lava' with ben. i swear, the cheapest christmas gift has been the best. always works that way though, doesn't it?

and learning letters. 

experienced 'poopageddon' in our house after ben's nap.
nick and i were sitting downstairs chatting and heard one of the toilets flush. we were both like, uh oh! so nick goes upstairs and a few moments later, he yells, 'shan can you come up here?' so i walk upstairs and ben is naked from the waist down and there's poop on his foot. and his underwear are no where to be found. ben insists that he didn't flush them down the toilet. gulp! so i walk to his room and notice little brown spots leading the way. he left a trail!

apparently, he had gotten up to pee/poop and didn't make it in time, tried to take his undies off, and made a bit of a mess. nick threw him into the tub while i cleaned everything else. {which truly wasn't as awful as it sounds. honestly, only three little spots.}

somebody got an afternoon bath! he loves changing the water different colors. thank you crayola for your little tablets!

doesn't he kinda look like a shark or something stealth in the water? 

a blurry cheese.

and i found the undies. was putting away his laundry and when i went to put his blankets away on the changing table, i caught a whiff of something fierce. looked down and saw them next to his pull ups. i think he was trying to put them away. aw...

then nick and i headed out with john and bill for some grown up time. we tend to get together with the kids and felt it was time to leave them behind for once!

ate a nice dinner at gino's. had a super yummy. dirty cuke. i love dirty martini's. the dirtier the better. and i love cucumbers, so i couldn't go wrong, right? and i was right. it was delicious. pardon the bad lighting but i want to remember this tasty little concoction.

then it was time for a grown up movie. both couples came up with a list and we went with the one that was on both... american reunion. i don't think that any of us were super excited to see it. but zomg, did we laugh. it was hysterical. totally what i needed after hell week. ;)

nick decided it was nice enough to go play frisbee golf, so he ventured out with his dad and uncle. ben and nick played frisbee outside while they waited for the boys to arrive...

and when nick left, we went a bit more low key and pulled out the chalk!

and after his nap, ben wanted to use his new bubbles. pardon the ridiculously combed hair thanks to nick. ben had some serious bed head going on! 

and when the rain forced us indoors, ben wanted to jump off the couch. it's one of his all time favorite activities. and he didn't want to part with his bubble wand. so he has that while jumping!

and more fun with that super cheap christmas present. they turn into blocks!

we even stacked him so he could kick the soccer ball at em and try to knock em down!

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