a completely random post.
was feeling a bit too structured. and have had this topic on my mind for quite some time. ;o)

i love post secret. it's one of my favorite things to do on sundays. unless i forget, which happens way more than i like. oh well.

way back when, there was a post secret app. was pretty cool. loved seeing secrets on a more regular basis. until the crazies ruined it. anyway. i promise i'm not off topic. i'm getting there...

found this screen shot on my phone. completely forgot i had snapped it...

not the greatest quality. sorry. as you can see it was early. probably one more thing i could do that morning to delay climbing out of bed and hopping in to the shower! 

so totally true! i am constantly misplacing my chap stick. nick even got into a habit of keeping some on him for 'emergencies'!

i have been a bit better. currently, i have two eos ones {summer fruit and sweet mint} that i haven't lost in like 6 months. might be a record! i really am enjoying them. good flavors. feel good. was kind of doubtful at their size. but after talking to someone at a wedding last year, i decided to give it a go. so glad i did. and it's since replaced soft lips {mint flavored!} and nivea {a kiss of smoothness} as my usual.

okay. completely random post over!

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