wip 9.10.11

the last weekday of our staycation.
we did nothing. ;)
okay, i'm sure we did something. i just didn't take pictures.
the only pics on my camera are of food. imagine that!

we made buffalo chicken grilled cheese. {loosely based on this recipe that i pinned.}
so good. so rich. couldn't eat too much of it. but it was 100x better with ranch dressing! ;) and they weren't bad as leftovers either. double bonus.

our friends hosted their annual cook out.
had a fun pinata for the kids.

distracted by some ice cream.

and another flavor since he didn't like the first one.


headed to the playground while the boys, ahem men, went to play softball.

then we headed over to the baseball diamond and the kids ran the bases. ben had a great time. 

somebody found a ball... imagine that!

dandelion love.

came back and ben wanted to play some tennis. nick hit him in the head with both throws! ben decided he didn't want to play that game anymore! 

kids found a puddle. i'm not sure what they were making. rock soup? 

and somebody sat down! :-)

we tried to do as little as possible. wanted to make the most of our down time.
ben was on a ball kick...

gotta love that kid.
and that concludes our wonderful week off. ;(

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