wip 9.3.11

i was coming down with something. totally sucks.
had an appt with the chiro.
think i should share my freakish feet now. apparently, i took some pics when i got back from the apointment that day...

dr. nick felt i needed some tape. apparently, it helps with pain. {keri walsh wears it on her shoulder during her volleyball matches}

and then here are my strange toes. they don't curl. i can't abduct my toes either {spread them apart}. i'm working on it. and there has been some improvement since these pictures were taken. originally, i tried to blame my ankle surgery, then we realized that the other foot also wouldn't work, so there went my theory!

finally, made it to see harry potter! LOVED it.
seriously. i'm sad. i love those books. those movies. sigh.

went to quaker state afterwards. nick insisted on eating some super hot wings. silly boy. i don't think he'll ever learn. ;)

lazy day. nick had to go to work. so we went and ran some errands along the way. stopped at dickies. {gotta use our groupons.} ben decided to dip his fries in the ice cream. nick was beyond grossed out!

of course, ben couldn't live the store without a new ball... 

the tractors that ben is obsessed with. seriously, we have to drive by them daily.

i worked on a craft project. well, bathroom project.
made this. turned out cute! i'll take a picture of it eventually!

i have no clue what we did. i'm pretty sure i was a zombie and slept most of the day...

did make some cupcakes and brownies for the labor day festivities. ben helped by sprinkling the cupcakes. those suckers were super sprinkly!

monday: {i'm counting it since it was a holiday weekend!}
our first experience with a huge parade in our area. seriously, the parade was over 3 hours long. over 100 floats. ben was in heaven!

the weather was questionable. but i'm glad we decided to go. ended up being a good time!
nick was dan's personal umbrella holder {puh} for a bit. ;)

then ben wanted to play with the umbrella.


somebody couldn't wait for the parade to start. kept asking where the firetrucks were!

tried to get him to salute. gotta work on that... he did great clapping for everyone.

family photo. ;)

the firetrucks and sirens were a bit loud.

and he was beyond tired but was amazing. 

was a pretty good candy picker upper too!

but was more excited when someone handed out a football!

totally didn't mind ronald from a distance.

we got these frisbees at the fourth of july parade we went to. we've played with them on our heads quite a bit... so when i offered him a juice box, he decided against giving it to me to hold. instead, he plopped it on his head. silly bean.

i don't remember what excited him! {but look, he nabbed another ball!}

he crashed immediately in the car. was so funny when nick went to take him out of the car and put him in the crib, ben was startled out of his sleep and immediately said, 'frow candy pwease!'

then we all napped. way nice since nick and i were both feeling under the weather.

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