wip 8.6.11

i have no clue what happened. i know i went to target. i have a new door mat to prove it and the pictures i sent to nick asking him to pick one... but other than that, i'm drawing a blank.
i know our goal was to have a lazy day. to just chill with the beaner. ;)

stopped to check out the crown point farmer's market. was the first time we had been there. bought a bunch of books from a church resale shop! we just cannot help ourselves when it comes to books!! 

our favorite, and ben's too, cheese vendor was there. they have the best cheese. i'm going to be so sad when the farmer's markets are over for the season. ;( i wonder if they take orders. or have another place they sell during the winter. must remember to ask them next time we go!

 after ben's nap. we headed to my mom and dad's to hit up the pool. ben had asked to go swimming, so we went.

somebody was very, very prune-y. 

 then we ran a few more errands. had a groupon for dickies. so we stopped.  ben enjoyed it. but he complained that the free ice cream after dinner was 'too cold!'

 when we got home, nick installed the new towel rack for ben's bathroom. i'm not sure how i have lived without one in there for so long! for some reason, i paid attention to my parent's when we were there earlier in the day and was totally set on finding it and putting up!

ben found my old, old cell phone. like before i phones. i have no idea where it was. but he loves it. he tends to open it up, tell you to say cheese, then pretend that he's looking at your picture, and says 'it's cute.' he's cute! ;)

hard at work. i don't have any after pictures. but it's awesome. trust me!

run dirty for nick and dave. {a 5 or 10k at lemon lake through the trails and mud}. they did the 10k. they are crazy.
was a bit of mix up between the boys. or lack of communication. whatever. it turned out. nick told me steph and sage weren't going. so not to worry about getting up. then that morning, he wakes me up just before he's leaving and told me steph and sage were there. holy hurry up and get ready. and get ben fed and ready. pfwhoa. i did it. and got applauded for how fast i was able to get there! thank goodness, i'm not high maintenance!

you can see both of them. look very carefully.

first time around. ben was yelling to everyone, 'good job daddy. go faster.' hilarious.

crossing the finish line.

dirty daddy.

after a family nap, we headed back to my parent's house to celebrate some august birthdays.

ben got the camera. this one makes me laugh. 

i know this might be tmi... but i wanna remember. ben cannot go in the pool without pooping. it's ridiculous.

here's a not happy campy because of above...

rocking the goggles.

just like daddy.

birthday peeps!

someone taught ben how to steal icing from the cake. {i guess uncle bob lives on} and i'm not sure who told him to use a cracker... my family makes me laugh. so silly.

mr. bow head was entertained by miss brittany while uncle kevin opened presents. i have video of him running back and forth through the bubbles. goof ball.

group hug with uncle kevin and brittany.

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