ten on tuesday 9.20.11

- it's freaking the end of september. really? time needs to slow down a bit.
- love listening to baby boy giggles. he gets extra giggly around bedtime. ;)
- was doing so well on the running, then yesterday... sore ankle. out of the blue. hadn't run in a few days. now i'm on orders to rest... grrr.
- put my first halloween decoration up this weekend. now to drag out the rest. and to order costumes for all of us. can't decide on individual costumes or a group theme... thoughts?
- ben loves sand. and ben loves his plain boring pasta that he's played with for about a year... found this on pinterest and finally got around to making it. he loves it. totally success! yay.plan on dyeing him some new pasta soon too.
- made some yummy food. these knock off bean burritos were close. missing some onion...  nick said this was sweet. not my cup of tea. but worth a shot. the man is hard to please with breakfast foods.
- how amazing is this place? we need one in the states. because i'm not sure that i'll ever make it to sweden!
- we've offically started christmas shopping.
- just introduced to hanging with friends. blast you people!
- emailed my scrap boss to verify my deadline. totally thought it was october 10. nope it was september 10. dude, i suck. thank goodness she's so nice!!

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