wip 8.13.11

i'm starting with thursday, so i can include our visit to the local county fair. ;)

lake county fair. yay! ben loves fairs. well, i think he loves the horses most. was excited that we were able to fit it in our crazy august schedule. went a little later than i would have liked due to an impromptu doctor's appointment. what can i say? i work in an office, i understand a phone call asking you to change your appointment, so i did it. and i hope karma pays me back someday....

okay. back to the fair.
ben wanted to see {and touch} all of the animals.

mister hates his stroller. prefers to walk with daddy. 

has been obsessed with tractors lately. i think it started when my mom watched him while we were in vegas. she took a diferent route home, where there is new construction, and there happened to be like 5 tractors in one area. i didn't go home that way the first day i picked him up after our vacation, and he about had a fit. we've gone that way every day since. :-D

his favorite.

trying some cotton candy for the first time.

he liked it. gave it a thumbs up!

sweet, silly boy.

petting the bunny.

found this cool splat balls. of course ben wanted one. and of course we obliged.

let him play a quick kids game. lil guy is lucky. got a star {a prize} on his first pick.

he picked a crazy, huge bat.

nick was taken by some infomercial. we are now the owners of a new mop. {i really like it. seems to work better than the swiffer and no pads to replace so more eco friendly!}

beans and his loot.

long night. ben was a trooper. didn't whine or complain that he was up past his bedtime. such a love.

kept ben home from daycare. thought it was only fair since he was out a bit later than usual at the fair. thought he should sleep in!

we ran some errands in the morning. {read grocery shopping!}

ben's new splat ball met an untimely demise...

nope. not pee. non toxic filling in the splat ball....

i think he was mad/sad that it no longer worked!

kinda chilled at home.
then we had to go pick nick up at work.

because ben got to go to his first sox game! nick totally wanted ben to rock one of these fingers. ben not so much. what do you think he picked from the shop? yup. a ball. mr. original. ;)

family photo.

ben checking out his surroundings. 

hi aj!

our tickets were courtesy of nick's mom's friend, joe. thanks joe! ;)

group shot. so thankful for our cool chair mates. the poor guy had to take our pictures and play catch with ben!

took a zillion pictures of the wee man from this perspective. he wasn't being very photogenic. until...

he started flirting with the lady sitting behind me!

he loved the peanuts. i think his favorite part was stomping on the shells. and as for the binky, we are thinking the binky fairy is coming soon. was just are being big chickens. and thought that since it was way past someone's bedtime that we weren't going to push it.

his new favorite ball and some snackies.

they lost.
but there were still fireworks!

and a dark stadium.

ben was a champ. again, he was up way past his bedtime. again, he was amazing. love that he's so flexible!

a lazy morning. we all needed some beauty sleep!

love these random shots i find on my camera. i totally don't remember taking them. but i love that i think to take pictures of our every day moments. the frogs are from his 'vacation' with my mom when we went to vegas. she gave him a little present every day. so sweet. he loves the frogs and so does everyone else who has been to our house that has played with them! 

laying on floor with daddy. 

tried to go on a run. shannon storm misjudged the storm clouds. we all got wet! and apparently ben found a binky in the old jogging stroller. nick hadn't a clue that he had it until i asked him when we met back up at the driveway!

headed downtown for dinner with friends. no people pictures. only food and drinks. and menus...
 went to zapatistas. wasn't as good as i was hoping. i love mexican. might be my favorite cuisine. and no, it's not because of the margaritas and tequilla. ;P did have a really awesome soup though!

were able to go for a cocktail after dinner. was pretty neat because there was a preseason bears game at the same time. there were people every where in bears gear. so fun!

and i enjoyed, yes enjoyed, a mighty tasty banana beer! 

{apparently it's a foodie day. not many pics on the camera. and 99% involved food!}

made breakfast. courtesy of pinterest.
something a little different. special. ben enjoyed making them. and they weren't too sweet. {maybe that was because we used semi sweet chips?!}

 and dinner. courtesy of pinterest.
 would definitely make these again!

phew. that was a lot of pictures.
you made it. i'm proud!

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