ten on tuesday. 9.6.11

- i'm tired of getting sick right before we have a vacation. seriously. i don't get it.
- the pressner family is enjoying another staycation. totally love the no pressure just enjoy my family time. :)
- loves that ben will walk into a room and say 'hew-wo mommy/daddy' not sure where the l's went. he used to pronounce them...
- we totally reinforced ben's theory that all fire trucks do is 'throw candy'. went to a local labor day parade and he loved it.
 - am not sure i'm going to update this week. i hope to, but am making no promises.
- we are the proud new owners of a treadmill. yay for generous family. {if you're reading this... thank you auntie!} now this inclement weather shouldn't interfere with my training. if only this cold would go away....
- my words with friends addiction is growing. thank you all for coming and playing with me!
- an update from last week: i did complete a scrap project. hope to get a few more done this week!
- finally saw the last harry potter. LOVED it. totally made me love the books/series/movies even more. i want to find time to reread all the books and rewatch all the movies. seriously. i might have a problem.
- pinned this recipe. made it. was completely disappointed. ;( really. don't waste your time.

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