ten on tuesday. 9.13.11

- where have i been? tori amos has a new album coming out and i had no clue. none.
- ran last night for the first time in almost 10 days. {i hate being sick} was nervous that i was going to suck... but i didn't. and my foot cooperated. and i could breathe! yay. yay. yay. i can't believe i have only a few weeks before my first 5k! oh and i inhaled my first bug. totally saw it coming. totally unavoidable. totally sucked!
- ben picked out red shoes when we got him a new pair of trainers {i'm trying on some british terminology}. red. not my first choice. but if it makes him happy. ;)
- staycation was a success. well, minus my cold and crashing early every night. the main highlight was the fort wayne zoo. will get it's own post someday.
- i blogged three wip posts last night! i'm catching up... again.
- saw lots of movies. no strings attached. cute. kick ass. liked the beginning. fell asleep. but i'm still counting it! the help. fabulous. seriously. might be a new favorite. see it. read the book. do it! hot tub time machine. funny. needed some laughter and it totally gave us that. i feel like i'm forgetting one or two...
- redoing the front door this weekend. have some peeling paint/wood. convinced nick it needs a makeover. he agreed since it's only going to cost one can of paint. hope it looks as cute finished as it does in my head.
- thinking of doing some hand made christmas gifts this year. hope that the recipients don't mind hand made....
- this was so good. yes, not healthy. but good. try it if you're up for a splurge.
- lit a candle the other day {had been to hot and fall makes me think of candles} ben immediately started singing happy birthday. so cute!

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