wip 8.27.11

completely crazy morning.
when nick woke ben up to take him to school, he thought he felt hot. sure enough 103. totally out of no where. poor bean.
so he stayed home. but i had an appointment. luckily my mom was able to watch him for an hour so i could run out.
came home and he still wasn't feeling good.
we laid on the couch all day. and on mommy and daddy's bed.

he had no decrease with the tylenol. poor guy made it up to 105. i called the pedi. just wanted to make sure i wasn't missing anything. nope. just wait and see. sure enough. the fever broke that evening and he was back to his normal self. ;)

had bonfire plans with some friends.

the boys hard at work...

the end result... butter beer! i'm told it wasn't as good as the one at hogwarts. but oh well. it was fun!

the food spread for meyer's specials. seriously. any locals... let us know when you wanna join us for a bonfire and some delicious food. i'm always up for a good campfire!

chilling with my wee man.


yum. food!

ben enjoying the giant marshmallow!

busy day.
started with robin's bridal shower.

a quickie from my phone.

the soon to be newlyweds {and braiden} with part of their gift from us.

that evening we headed to nick's sister's for noah's fourth birthday party. we weren't sure if we would be able to make it. but ben was temp free for 24 hours so we went! the camera didn't make get too much use. that's okay though!

noah and ben and their balloons. thanks aunt michelle!

playing with cousin megan.

we got home and ben had another fever. total chaos trying to figure out what to do about work. my boss was off, so i should be boss and i have to order supplies on monday. ah! totally worked out. totally ran. and totally felt better afterwards. thinking as much as i dislike it, that it's really good for me to run. :-) and one day i'll give running it's own post. trying to catch up on these weekend posts first!

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